Healthy Halloween Pumpkin Pie

We have all heard of the humble pumpkin pie no matter where you live in the world. The traditionally American sweet dessert pie that contains a spiced pumpkin filling has been around for a very long time most commonly served as a Thanksgiving Day dessert. It was a way of using up pumpkins from harvesting season the Fall but more recently  has also been popular a little earlier around Halloween for obvious reasons.


Here in Australia  we don’t follow the Thanksgiving tradition we celebrate the family coming together at Christmas time more so nor  do we follow the same traditions of the pumpkin pie due to our seasons being on opposite ends but I thought I would make it for Halloween instead.

Halloween isn’t as exuberant here either like in the U.S, The parties, the outrageous costumes and decorations are effortless compared in saying that trick or treating has evolved over the years with more and more people mainly children involving themselves in the fun of dressing up in their favourite ghost or zombie and going trick or treating in the streets hoping to receive lollies from the neighbours. As not everyone get in on the fun, we have a non spoken rule here if your front house lights are off don’t bother knocking on the door it saves the disheartenment of the children when they don’t have anything to give or you have a cranky old neighbour who is watching her favourite tv show annoyed she has been disturbed.

Pumpkin carving has also become a more popular event over time and I myself tried it for the first time last year. A friend of mine got a group of friends together and we all made a night of it. Surprisingly It was actually quite amusing also dirty don’t wear your Sunday best  as digging out the flesh is quite a mission in itself. The results are worth it  and it was a blast especially after a few wines or two.  Here is a some pictures of the end results from this years gathering, I think we did a pretty good job of them don’t you think?


Now we have made it a yearly thing a few days before Halloween, really just an excuse to get together, talk, eat, drink and have some laughs together. Don’t get me wrong we do take it all very seriously can help but  feel well the accomplished after all the hard work. When we are all done we take our completed  pumpkins home and put out the jack o’lanterns on Halloween night for our and all the neighbours kids to enjoy.

We lined them all up and lit tea light candles in them


I made a healthier version of the traditional pumpkin pie with no added refined sugar only sweetened with maple syrup and used an oatmeal crust. Recipe is from Teresa Cutter The Healthy Chef and can be found here Pumpkin Pie with Oatmeal Gingersnap Shortcrust

I took this to pumpkin carving night and it was a hit with the ladies, start of  a new tradition after all!  You can serve with some dollop cream or natural yoghurt for the extra calorie conscious.