What is a Meat Tenderizer Powder and how to use it?

A Meat Tenderizing powder is a dried tenderizer containing special ingredients which help to weaken the bonding of connective tissues (tough muscles) in meat. The result would be a soft meat chunk that is easier to cook and eat. That’s how restaurant meat dishes turn out tasty and juicy leaving you awed. However, before you … Read more

Best Meat Tenderizer Powder and Tool Substitutes In 2022

Meat tenderizer powders are quick in action. However, they contain MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), salt, and preservers that are not friendly to your health. However, that doesn’t mean you can never try a juicy steak.  Below are the most fantastic meat tenderizer powder and tool substitutes in 2022 that would also be readily available at your … Read more

Meat Tenderizer for Jellyfish Sting – Does It Work?

Many mishaps can happen in everyday life, and of course, there are several solutions to each. For instance, we’re getting stung by a fierce jellyfish. However, does a meat tenderizer sound like a suitable solution to jellyfish sting? The shortest answer is YES! The venom in jellyfish sting is formed of protein, which breaks down … Read more

How to Sear Meat Properly for Maximum Flavor?

Whether it’s the yummiest steaks, roasts, chops, or more dishes like these, searing is a crucial step to turn your meat’s hidden sugars into caramelized, mouthwatering content. In addition, a brown crust develops over the surface of the meat, causing your stews, steaks, chicken, and pot roasts to become incredibly tastier.   Down here is the … Read more

How to Make Meat Sauce? Basic Meat Sauce Recipe

Meat sauce that aligns with perfection includes both Italian sausage and beef (any type). The homemade sauce recipe below needs commonly used ingredients.  You may feature it on spaghetti or in lasagna as you like, as it would deliver fantastic taste to your buds in any way. Moreover, the preparation time isn’t too much to … Read more

How to Make Taco Meat? Best Taco Meat Recipe

Making taco meat at home is much easier than anyone could expect. All you need is a blend of some ingredients and your skills to have the yummiest finished tacos at home.  Before we discuss the instructions for this hearty recipe, let’s go through the key ingredients you’re going to need!  Ingredients to Make the … Read more

When to Use a Meat Tenderizer Hammer?

When it’s finally a meat-meal day, but you’re torn between when to tenderize your meat or should it even need tenderizing? In that case, most of the pleasure spoils, as the frustration takes you to the point of searching it up on the internet, where finding a perfect answer to your query takes a lot … Read more