One Year On.

Today marks the day one year ago that I launched this online blog. What started out as merely a recipe journal has turned into something so much more meaningful.

One year ago I was apprehensive and scared to put myself out there and share not only my food recipes but my advice and knowledge on healthy living, mindfulness and some private stories regarding my family. I took the chance and I am so grateful I did.

This little blog has grown from a few friends and family members to a larger community that has all one thing in common, wanting to better themselves and their families for a healthier and brighter future through their food and lifestyle. With a generous following my little blog has grown to over three thousand followers and subscribers and has over three thousand visits a month. We are definitely becoming more aware and educated on the subject of healthy eating and how it affects our bodies and lives with a greater number of people wanting to make some changes. This makes me so happy and makes everything I do worth while.

imageI had planned to do a special blog post to mark this occasion, make something amazing and celebrate this one year milestone with you all but unfortunately it did not turn out the way I had planned. Recently we have been hit with yet another health issue to our family. Another close family member had been diagnosed with cancer. It has devastated our family to our core and we have had to have time to process, come to terms with the prognosis. As human being we are filled with emotions and the first ones we feel are ones of hurt, sadness and fear. They over take us in a way that seems uncontrollable and can easily spiral into a path of negativity. It’s only nature to feel this way but to be able to pick yourself up look at the possibilities and embrace the challenges ahead is what makes us humans superior strong beings. The power of positivity is a very hard concept in these difficult situations and some would say hopelessness. While there may not be much of a positive outcome there is always a choice in how we look at things. Will it make us feel better or worse by what we think and feel and how will it affects us and our time left with certain loved ones. I chose to look forward accept what we may not be able to change and challenge what maybe we can.

In the past year I never thought I’d experience the intensity of some of life’s most difficult moments loss, struggle, suffering, and of course the happy, inspiring moments when I have had people, friends and strangers comment ask me questions and send me messages of thanks. That I have somehow helped them change their outlook on things, helped them make better choices, product choices and just better homecooks. Giving the ideas of real food choices. In a world of prepackaged and prepared processed foods we are bringing back the importance of home cooking.

There has been many times where I have felt like discontinuing this little project and focusing just on myself and my family but then no sooner a person would contact me, share a positive comment on how they have made my recipes and how they love what I share, that then reinforces why I started this in the first place. I never had imagined this would ever be the case something that was light-hearted and fun for myself could affect other people so greatly. Still blows my mind. Thank you for inspiring me to be better and making me continue to push myself.

With the rise of so many diseases, allergies and cancers it is more important than ever to take care of yourself and it starts with the food we eat. Take time to look after your mind, and take care of your spirit. Be aware of your surroundings and do what makes you happy. Prevention will always be better than cure. Take charge of  your life to make a better chance of a positive and healthier long-lived future.

On a lighter note one year has flown by, it goes to show how quickly life can pass you by. Take the time to enjoy your life, go on that holiday you’ve  been wanting to go on, start ticking off that bucket list don’t wait around until time is not in your favour. We only have one life so make the most of it.

What the next year holds is uncertain there will be more highs and more lows. I choose not focus on what will be but only focus on what is now. And now I am very grateful, blessed and humble I have everything I possibly need, love, my family and the air I breathe. I will continue to do better, learn more and grow in all aspects of my life. I will continue to share my recipes and knowledge I learn along the way and hope you will continue to enjoy the journey with me.

Mind. Body. Spirit  ♥



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