Time To Breathe and Let Go

Well hello again. Let me start by explaining why I have been MIA for a while now. The past 6-12 months have been an absolute whirlwind. I have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions in one year that has at times been emotionally draining and exhausting. From the highest of high moments to the lowest of lows, the most intense I have experienced in my entire life.

Initially part of the reason I  started this blog around 8 months ago was to help not only myself continue the lifestyle of healthy eating but also bring awareness to others and  in particular a very close sick family member that had been given a fatal diagnosis. He asked me for some help in ways of better eating and a forum in which he could follow. The journey for him was most unpleasant leaving him ill majority of the time, his appetite suppressed from treatments and the pain unbearable. Before long  he couldn’t digest food which left me with a feeling of helplessness. I continued to share, post, blog  to keep my mind focused off what life had thrown at our family and also held onto a small array of hope in that miracle would happen. Deep down I knew it may have been too late.

The path in changing to a healthier lifestyle can at times be challenging in todays society. All around us we have media, large food companies, hidden chemical and GMO (genetically modified) foods enticing us and filling our shelves painted in a picture we all absorb with out any further thought. And many of us are unaware to what’s being put into our foods. It is not until our health is compromised that we tend to look into it further and discover what’s making us all ill. Or the sickness of loved ones in desperation of a cure. I am not unfamiliar to this my mother and grandmother went through smilier health issues which kicked off the food and lifestyle change a few years ago. 

I have taken the past couple months following my uncles passing to focus on myself, my kids and to just BREATHE. It left me devastated, empty, heartbroken and seeking reason. How did this happen? Why so young? Why to a man with a young family? Though we will never know the answers to such deep and pending questions the grieving process can take over resulting in emotional discovery and can take much needed time. You just have to embrace it and trust in the process. I have felt immense sadness also anger and slowly acceptance that this has actually happened and I couldn’t do anything to change the outcome. It was already out of my control, out of anyones. 

I lost motivation for a while to continue this project but slowly I will regain the perseverance and joy  it brings me to share my food, recipes, and from time to time advice on how to live a well balanced life. One thing I have learnt from this painfully heartbreaking experience is to never take life for granted, we tend to hear this often but it can not be more true. Take time out and not worry what other people will think of you, your needs are more important. And finally take those small little moments the hugs and smiles, the time to talk and communicate, take those feelings and treasure them as you never know when  small little moments will become everlasting memories.

Caz ♥

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