A Christmas That Was..


Christmas has been and gone for another year, It is always a busy time with school finishing up, gift buying and wrapping, end of year parties and of course the food prepping and the big day itself.

Time has been spent with family, over indulging in food, drinks and having relaxing quality time spend  with the children, how it should be. So blogging was put on a temporary hold, but now as we slowly wind back into routine and the new year has come upon us I thought I would share my Christmas treats and pictures and reminisce on a special time of year that was filled with love, family, food and happy memories.


The day was spent firstly with my side of the family, this year was just my sister and parents. My mother made a beautiful roast turkey and baked lunch and we spent the day unwrapping presents, eating, drinking, talking and the kids playing making special memories. I was in charge of desserts and made the Australian traditional Pavlova Wreath Cake with fresh cream and topped with all sorts of fresh berries and passionfruit. It was so fresh and light prefect for our hot summer days we are having here at the moment.


I also brought my Christmas Cake  made with dried  figs, dates and raisins I have to say I am not a fan of the traditional version with fruit peel, this version from Donna Hay’s Christmas edition magazine was a pleasant surprise. Both desserts did contain sugar but hey if there is one day of the year to treat yourself it’s Christmas.

The feasting didn’t stop there…


Next stop was my husband’s side of the family. The whole family of four siblings, partners and children all went to my parents in laws place, the kids exchanged presents and with 9 children you can imagine the chaos. Though it is one time I don’t mind the screams, the mess and craziness as  it all out of joy. To see your children’s faces of excitement is one of life’s true happy moments as parents. The happiness it brings to them not just to open the gifts they have been waiting all year for but also to share it with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents  it is truly special.

We continue eating..


We celebrated together with my mother in laws famous seafood lasagna and fresh seafood of parwns, garlic bbq prawns and oysters. A tradition for Christmas dinner in their family. And I was also appointed desserts (now you can see where my time has been spent) I made a Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding Tart with the Italian Christmas Panetonne. If you haven’t heard of Panetonne it is a traditional Italian bread that is usually eaten at Easter and Christmas. They come in different  varieties, some plain, some with sultanas or chocolate. Being from Italian background we end up with a whole collection of them after relatives give as gifts. So a good way to use them is by making this pudding. I used the plain variety and added dark chocolate to it. We served it with custard and pouring cream and boy was it good! No complaints even from the most fussiest family members.


To top off the dessert and sugar overload was this homemade Lemon Meringue Tart. A little sickly sweet for me who doesn’t normally eat sugar. The lemon curd turned out perfectly lemony and rich and the sweet short crust pastry was buttery and crumbly it was drool worthy. The toasted meringue on top turns this dessert into a  show stopper, the woos of the crowd as it was brought out was enough for me to know its a sure winner!

Bellies full, tired eyes and sleepy children sums up the end of another Christmas for us. Grateful to have loved ones around us and time well spent with the people we love most ♥.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy year ahead and look forward to sharing more healthy, motivating meals for you all in 2017.



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